What We Do

The Catholic Tutor Corps is a grass roots organization of predominately Catholic lay people that had its beginnings 13 years ago.  The CTC grew out of the understanding that many of the students attending the inner city Catholic Schools came from low income and/or ethnic minority families.  This resulted in many of these students working below grade level in school.  The socioeconomic conditions that many of these students faced left them at a huge disadvantage compared with many of their peers.  In an effort to address this inequity the CTC began recruiting tutors from area parishes, the University of St. Thomas Law School, as well as local businesses, and making those tutors available to a number of the inner city Catholic Schools.  Over the past several years, the CTC has placed 45-60 tutors each year in a dozen Minneapolis and St. Paul schools.  The tutors have worked with students in grades one through eight, primarily on their reading and math skills.  This work has helped hundreds of students over the years improve their academic achievement and better prepare them for high school.


John Paul II Pilot Program

During the 2015-2016 school year, the CTC undertook a very aggressive tutoring effort at Pope John Paul II school .  This pilot program placed approximately 40 tutors in the school working with students twice per week in both reading and math.  After a year of hard work on the part of both tutors and students the test scores of the students receiving extra help improved measurably.  Encouraged by the test results and the feedback from the teachers, the program will be replicated during the 2016-2017 academic year at Pope John Paul II.  Ecouraged by the positive results from this program the CTC will be attempting to develop a similar program at other schools in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  These programs require a great number of tutors.  If you can assist us with a  couple of hours of time a week, or would just like to know more about the program, contact the CTC through our website, www.catholictutorcorps.com, or call Richard McGuire at 612-371-0661.